Fysioplein offers advice on the workplace, does assessments at the request of a company doctor and makes reports at the request of a medical advisor.Click on read more for the possibilities. 

Work station advice
If you have problems with your neck, shoulder and/or arm when working behind a screen, Fysioplein can make an inventory and analysis of your work station. The physiotherpaist of Fysioplein will investigate the balance between work- pressure, hours, posture, place and responsibilities and how you are handling them. The physiotherapist will also assess and advice on what do to yourself to stimulate recovery. 

Important aspects with the training are: a correct work station design,  a correct (relaxed) posture and a 'work-technique training'.  It may be necessary to adjust the work station ergonomically.


Assessment at the request of the company doctor
At the request of the company doctor an assessment is made of the existing probems, the necessary therapy will be determined and advice is given regarding adjusted work and/or phased return to work.

Reports at the request of a medical advisor
With permission from the patient, a report will be written at the request of a medical advisor, regarding the expected recovery after an accident or injury.

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