Employed since: 1991
Education: Physiotherapy at Rotterdam, continuing vocational education for chronic pain (whiplash and CANS), education for sport physiotherapy (knee problems).
Specialised in: Knee- and hip problems. Treatment of chronic pain. Isokinetic knee.

E-mail: heidi@fysioplein.nl

I'm 46,  married and mother of two teens. I've been working at Fysioplein since 1994. I have extensive experience with rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries. When I was young I've had knee problems, which required rehabilitation. And afterwards, I unfortunately had to adjust my sport activities. I still love playing sports like iceskating, skiiing and swimming a lot. I like helping people and to guide them into being able to perform their daily activities and playing sports again. At the practice I handle personnel issues and supervise interns. My hobbies are iceskating, skiing and doing fun stuff with my famiy. 

Heidi van den Heerik https://www.fysioplein.nl/uploads/images/teamleden/heidi2.jpg