Head of financial administration

Email: cynthia@fysioplein.nl



After graduating as a chemical clinical analyst at the Analyst school in The Hague, I worked at the Bronovo hospital in The Hague for eight years. After a financial education, I have done the financial and personnel administration for Fysioplein for over twenty years now. I am also responsible for the Social Media. I support the secretaries if no office manager is present. I enjoy working at Fysioplein because the team is great and every one is doing their very best. I am married and have two daughters. I play hockey at Hudito at Delft and I give training to a running team on Wednesday morning at hockey club Pijnacker. And further I enjoy boxing once or twice a week. I also enjoy working in my garden throughout the year. I find it important that people are able to play sports and move, pain free.

Cynthia de Jonghttps://www.fysioplein.nl/uploads/images/teamleden/cynthia_dejong.jpg